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One one hand, I wonder what Tevruden's half dragon form would look like

But on the other hand I know he'd never actually assume it so nobody would actually know 🤔

Itt i find a piece of old art and am awash with disappointment

Teldoren gets a lot of time outside in his work with the Argent Crusade, but sometimes its just nice to be able to assume your true form and stretch your wings.

Art by @shanemercerart

actually now that I think about it, why am i even signed into google anymore.

the *last* thing i want to do is link my google account and my paypal account

I've been into this demon man lately so imagine my surprise with MythPrinceArt popped into my DMs with this finished giveaway picture.

Love not touching my computer for a week and Discord Helper is using 5G of memory

I appreciate that the previews of those successive posts add up to show most of the image. The overlap even makes him look four armed. @tevruden

There's something cathartic about drawing over underwear models w/ tevrugos

As a four-armed demon I can't decide how many pecs Tev should have

I still find it amazing that the opposite of a Death Knight is a Druid and not a paladin

One day I’ll put incubus!tev in clothes but today is not that day

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