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anyway the argument "well unless they own the company they're just doing their jobs" just feels disingenuous because while I can't quit just because I don't like something I *still* have some autonomy in my job.

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They're not in /complete/ control but for every company there is there's some sort of decision making chain.

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Management delegates, and with that delegation comes responsibility for your actions.

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(I did check and the person I'm quoting has 'Manager' in their twitter bio)

Like, this ALSO the reason that Elon Musk Isn't That Great.

A CEO of a company of any actual size isn't weighing in in every single thing a company does.

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"Unless the person OWNS the company they aren’t in control."

That's called "diffusion of responsibility."

Sorry, if you're management you gotta take /some/ responsibility for setting direction

That's why you're managing.

I'm aware that a Schedule 14 must be released a minimum 20 business days in advance of a shareholder meeting but like, maybe the PR team should know when those sorts of things are going out???

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Ok I know the meme is that ABK drops content to cover their bad press. And I KNOW its not true but does NOBODY in that company coordinate releases???

I am so drained from the act of looking for homes that I don't think I can spare the energy for the bonfire bash prompts but I'm gonna root for everyone else doing it just the same!

I always love watching cyrpto bros try to project how everyone "doesn't understand how this works" and then their shock when the rug gets pulled

Do you ever look at something and go "Yeah that's an AT&T tandem office" or are you normal?

hey so like, i went on vacation, and i put a hold on the mail coming to our address so uhh why did i come to THIS?????

I want a vtube avatar for tev just so that if i WANNA stream its available.

Do Christians every think about how God could suck your nuts from the back since he's both Omnipotent and Omnipresent?

Also just know that any time I make an joke about orcs or zug-zugging, its with the utmost respect, and it makes me think a lot about these two, who both finished their narrative arc an walked off the stage:

I got this feeling that I'm gonna hear people bitching about apple changing the iphone connector again soon...

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