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Tevruden, known dragon murderer and good friend of Estinien Wyrmblood, who has somehow become the Warrior of Light... /to this DAY/ wonders how that even worked.

I guess it's mermay again so here's the only mermaid i've ever drawn that matters: Terry as a betta fish

OK who can help take Matt Mullenweg up on his offer to bring #Tumblr up to full #indieweb standards? cc: @humanetech

Not a joke: this is a very real opportunity... #openweb

Just remembered that radio reception is terrible because the outside of the apartment is covered in metal

missing limb, cyberware replacement 

#Illustration I did in 2020 for #Cyberpunk Red. Art Direction: Jaye Kovach. Courtesy of R.Talsorian Games.
cw: blood, missing limb

Another piece of our #dnd crew, this time the tall lady half orc fighter of the party, Grond, seen here in casual attire and slightly less likely to rip your arms off and use them like drumsticks on you.

This hits a lot different in 2022 than it did when i first read it 1993.

The best part about this expac release is watching the "you want to fuck a dragon" discourse on reddit

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