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You know it's really weird that timewalking hasn't become an all the time thing considering you can level a character up and BASICALLY timewalk whenever already.

oh dear looks like someone forgot to register domain names that look like the original truth social

I don't know how I pulled off the deer face with what i had, but I did

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but I think I'm also biased to cervitaurs

(keeper!Tev by @\dewdlepies @\mcmadmissile and @\shanemercerart )

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this is still a concept i really enjoy and I feel like I should bring something like this back.

I wonder what it would take to set up "Tumblr: but the owning entity isn't for-profit." in terms of paperwork.

Playing the FFXIV costa del sol music over my webcam is just very amusing

Like it doesn't even feel like bad fanfiction, because generally people who write that have some interest and insight into the motivations of the characters.

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