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You know Tevruden (DK tev) would look pretty good as an Aranakk


Hot tip for Millennials:

If you give the fae your True Name, that means they now get all your student loan and credit card debt too!

The people streaming WoW at the moment are LITERALLY helping Activision's numbers.

Remember how I said they have metrics on how many people are logged in? They have metrics on how many people are logged in /and how much time you spend playing/.

Y'all lets talk about the torture apologist and the person who was actual sued for allowing sexual harassment and not the guy we don't like because he fucked up the torghast tuning.

Also they're totally doing this because of the earnings call today in a totally transparent move that's a surprise to no one

It’s really weird to think about how my 18-year-old self is an much of an abstract concept to me as I would be to him

Emet-Selch displaying the most powerful spell of all to a catboy

(2019, colorized)

Also good on them for actually doing this.

Please go do it in retail.

Yes, you're supporting the devs by continuing to pay for blizzard products.

But you're supporting the execs that LET this happen EVEN MORE.

I am not gonna leave the WoW community but at this point in time I don't think I can continue to give Blizzard Entertainment money.

So I have a git repository tracking my twitter account and it's really depressing seeing how many people are re-branding from WoW twitters.

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