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(This was probably "taught by <s>Illidan</s> a demon hunter" and not "distinguish from a demon hunter" but given how many of both have wings and hooves the grammar is Ambiguous)

Any time anyone has any sort of criticism about my OCs just remember:

The story is far from over and we'll get to it more in future patches :)


Pretty sure that Night Elves are actually addicted to whatever magic it is they have in moonwells.

That's why they put them everywhere.

Check MATE, atheists!

Love this bug where you can know the Mastercraft Gravewing but can't ACTUALLY use it unless you type:

"/use Mastercraft Gravewing"

/cc @BlizzardCS

One of my hobbies is seeing how much text you can put in a text box

Blizzard used so much force to get Tevruden unstuck they accidentally gave him a realm transfer too

(@BlizzardCS I think this is a display error)

Its a Himbo except you're missing one of the trifecta

I really want art of vampire Tev and Dante dancing in something like Nathria’s ballroom (with onlookers)

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