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You know if ice is a rock... that means water is lava.

It took me HALF an hour to get this set up but you better believe I got a picture of Tevrugos surfing as a naga for @wyrmunity's beach party today.

Today's big scandal: Man fills out requested information on a hotel booking form

This whole situation made a *lot* more sense when I got diagnosed with ADHD and realized that decreased object permanence is a side effect of the disorder.

It took a good couple of seconds to go from:

"My car keys aren't there."
"My car keys are missing, how could I lose them!"
"I can't find them now I'm driving!"
"I'm driving."
"I'm driving so my car keys are IN THE CAR'S IGNITION."

I was driving to work, and I'm going down the road (like the car was MOVING so I was paying attention to that) approaching the light, and I idly pat my pocket where my car keys were.

Feels off.

My car key isn't in there.

Backstory to "the time I was driving and I thought I lost my car keys because they weren't in my pocket."

I used to have a car and a motorcycle so + car keys + bike keys + house keys + various server keys was WAY TOO much for my pockets, so I split them up into house/bike/car

Always fun to watch people unfollow me when I say

"Hey, maybe don't be racist."

All that had to be said was "Hey, I'm sorry and I'll try to do better next time."

For context:

Yeah those people were nasty. Yeah a lot of them ended up being super racist in their own way. I'm not gonna defend them either.

That doesn't absolve the behavior in the previous tweet.

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