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me: my writing is so bad

blizzard: so, it's all uther's fault

me: my writing is pretty good, actually

I love how anytime anything oreos-related happens everyone's first thought is "Don't tell the 'Moreos Guy.'"

Oh since we're having Elune chat:

This is your reminder that Elune made love to a stag and that's how we got druids

night elf armor reminded me of this excellent picture of Tevrugos... he'd 100% rock this outfit.

If they'd give us this armor i could finally make an alliance version of him.

I don't even think, even if you compare base salaries, he does 7x the work I do.

I don't even think, if you compare base salaries, he does 7x the work I do.

As it stands, the scaling means there's no reward for the work you put in and so you start asking yourself... Why am I even putting this work in in the first place?

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Eventually one should get to the point that they enjoy murdering things super fast, and thus the desire is to get more gear.

Or turbomurder becomes unsatisfying and you go to look for more difficult, engaging content.

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Here's a take: Things in WoW should become too easy.
Overworld mobs shouldn't scale with item level, at all.

The more gear I get the the faster I should be able to do things outdoors.

I am reminded i want pin up art of Tevruden in the void elf heritage armor except... the pants are thighless

artist suggestions welcome.

Normally I'd not make fun of a person's transmog but he's the Game Director, the decisions he's made WRT transmog and character appearance invite criticism.

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