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Semi-related, I just found out about the end of the FFML, as of yesterday Apr 3, 2021 and, well:

Anyway it feels like getting older just seems like a constant series of tiny existential crises until I die

Like, in my head there's this seperation of "the old internet" of IRC and newsgroups and forums and "the new internet of facebook and google and twitter"

But the "new internet" itself is 10 years old (at least) and its made of all the people from the "old internet"

There's something really really weird about looking up people you knew two decades ago, and finding out they have twitters and patreons.

I just realized that the reason my nose has been feeling weird lately, is because the oak trees are having sex

THIS, this right here is why they're an invasive species!

People get them for Easter gifts and then when they don't wanna take care of them, they release them into the wild.

The highlight: "As of this date, that thread has 14,129 posts and is the repository for all information about MCY going down in flames."

And I mean, stopped him from COMING BACK because he's a terrible person, and one of the worst senators.

The void whisperers in Tev’s head: Two of them.

Me want BITE!

Me want rock Primal delight.

Me want big licc

Me think æther crystal nice

I have come to the decision that there are far too many versions of Tevruden, and as such, this will be the only Tev going forward:

8 year old me also ran around a doctors exam room because he needed an Amoxicillin shot before his throat closed up

8-year-old me would be so confused that I WANT a shot

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