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"You gave my medallion to a LICH?!"

Was honestly one of the best voice acted lines this expansion

Its 32 item levels below my actual trinket but I 100% had to equip it to see what it did

I wonder how close Trump is to calling the FBI/CIA to get him a new twitter account

Conservatives: <delete twitter in disgust>
Everyone other reasonable person:

How long is it gonna be before trump calls Jack Twitter.

ngl i miss playing tevoiden but also I am REALLY bad at warrior

(y'all should know by now I'm black but since this social media i'm stating it outright)

I know that the vorkai are more goat based but honestly in game they look like deer so I'm running with that for tevrugos.

None of you should be surprised this honse boy is a dragon in disguise

I started making a diagram of which tev goes where and i can already tell this is gonna be... complicated

Tevruden: Yeah, so your mom is happy but she's also in a realm of eternal fighting, that's currently undergoing a massive civil war

It's amazing watching people in space of 24 hours, go from:
"Yeah! Invade congress!"
"Antifa invaded congress!"

Would really love to go a whole week without "Twitteroth" showing its whole ass.

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