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In true software dev fashion I fix Listener 20 min before we have an event

I've made the infinite that is the low-rent version of my DK main and he looks... sufficiently low rent

I am LAUGHING at all these people in my post about Tev that don't realize that Tevruden is black (yes both DK tev and voidyboy) because I'M black and I Can Do That To My OC.

And, then I block them.

You love to see it.

They do this because they're pretty sure the reason he keeps getting dragged into the main universe is because they fucked up somewhere (they did) and it's the easy way to deal with it.

Anyone looking into him (magic or otherwise) who doesn't know DK Tev, sees his history as they would be if he was native version of Tevruden and not a temporal anomaly. Its only people who actually know DK Tev that'd be able to tell somethings up.

This is really only for my own need to tie up lose ends but i like the idea that the bronze dragons keeping an eye on voidyboy make his existence 'transparent.'


In which @petiteocs learns the essential nature of Tev (all of them)

Like he's not even hiding it and the signs are all THERE he's just very quiet about his personal life

Eternally enjoying the idea of Tevruden playing wingman to everyone and then nobody knowing he himself is dating until he shows up to Prom with Dante

If there's one thing I'll never tire of, it's discussing high school AUs

BUT he tries not to use the gun because the unsatisfying anticlimax reminds him a lot of his mentor in the ways of the void (who is the one who gave him the gun)

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