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Due to unfortunate circumstances, I am, once again, awake.

There are certainly a number of people standing behind Tevruden right now

So many things Tevruden's getting turned into this this expac

Like i don't know what to tell you if your first thought after seeing this is to complain about a video game instead of the REAL LIFE event that put THOUSANDS of actual people in danger.

Woke up to two things this morning:

1) My co-workers in California posting pictures of the orange smoke-filled sky
2) People bitching over a video game tree


Wait... now I'm ACTUALLY thinking about an infinite dragon who's basically a flat-earther and thinks time is fake.

If I found out that a group of people got together to have a party where they discussed my genitals, I would be extremely creeped out. So yeah, gender reveal parties are weird.

Honestly I came to this realization a few weeks ago but I just need to get out there and say it.

I think it's time I set Tevruden Dawnspear, the death knight, down for a bit.

He's still there in Acherus doing his thing, and he'll end up going to the Shadowlands, but I'm having way more fun writing other versions of Tev.

We'll see what happens next expac.

NGL: I don't buy it when people say "oh they're not really a jerk like that, its just a persona" unless it's a very clear parody.

You do anything long enough, and the lie becomes the truth.

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