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Sometimes I think about how I have not set foot inside ICC since 2016.

But then I remember I literally have everything Tev can equip from that raid from every difficulty.

Voidyboy has experience with the power of the Void and he knows what he could do with it
but he also knows what N'Zoth does to people
So the fight is against himself justifying the use of more and more of the void

I really like the idea of his trip through Ny'alotha being a war on two fronts, N'Zoth's and his forces but also against /himself/ to not give into using his powers so easily

You're older, more experienced, you could be far more powerful... all you need is control a̶̙̓n̵͉̑d̷̫͌ ̴̗̚Ḯ̵̹ ̴̗̌c̶̳͊à̷͉n̴̪̎ ̵̖͐g̷̩̐ỉ̸̬v̶͎̈e̶͂ͅ ̴̦̅ẗ̴̹́h̵͑͜a̸̢̿t̴̜͐ ̵̰̊t̴̹̓o̸̢͆ ̸͔̎y̴̨̓o̷͍͌ǘ̵͔.̵͖̋

Tev sees Vexionia and N'zoth is like... T̶͔̎ḧ̸̜ȁ̴͖t̴͎̎ ̶̠̆c̵̳̈́ȍ̴̦u̶̱͝ļ̵̐d̷̫̏ ̷̞͊b̴̤̈e̸̥̾ ̷̺̓ý̸̗ò̵͜u̸̪͑.̶̭̕

Idly thinking about what Voidyboy did in Ny'alotha and I sorta like the idea that Voidyboy's powers were cranked up to eleven, but a lot of that was N'Zoth tempting him with power

And then there's the moment voidyboy realizes what is going on...

I don't tend to RP flirt in game since I don't wanna make anyone uncomfortable but, if you've ever met voidyboy in game you're 100% free to say he's flirted with them.

I click it, it reloads and then I immediately go to click on the link i ACTUALLY WATNED

I really hate how every time I click on a twitter tab the first thing it does is reload the whole page.

I love the *idea* of DK Tevruden sitting on the frozen throne and lying in wait. but I also know how much he'd HATE being the Lich King

Tevrugos is good, but he's also go this sort of weird amorality about it.


I haven't played this guy since MoP, and his name got used for my red dragon, but DAMN do I think about his transmog a lot

Careless Void Whisper by meg_emmy_james@twitter

No context other than voidyboy jamming out in Ny'alotha

I DO like the idea nobody can agree on what voidyboy's eye color actually is. And it's not so much his eye color /changes/ so nobody can agree, but, you look and you don't understand what you're seeing, so your brain just 'fills in' everything so it 'looks right'

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