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the IRONY of him putting that book out before the HoT would be good though 🤔

IC, i think it's probably more of a book on dragons, their lairs, and the their followers.

idk if he AUTHORED or what.

Maybe he just got consulted.

Gotta work the fact that Tevrugos has a book "Dungeons and Dragonsworn" into RP sometime

I really should update tevruden's design when he has horns out, but its SO RARE for him to do that it almost seems OOC

You ever wonder why I said Azuregos is Tev's older brother?

This is why.

The fun thing about Tevrugos is for everything minus his two main objectives he's not ever playing to WIN he's just playing to /fuck around/.

Even with his machinations for the Kirin Tor "Wnning" is a very arbitrary thing.

Better to arrange events to your preferred outcome than use claws and teeth, and possibly be opposed with swords and spells.

I think a lot about how Tevrugos, by mortal standards, looks a lot like he's playing fast and loose with morals, but by dragon standards he's just being prudent.

Tevrugos about to commission the following cake from the Dalaran bakery

I'm fucking LAUGHING at the idea of Voidyboy belting Careless Whisper out on the sax tho

Oh is that what you're into N'Zoth? Whispers?

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