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Hot take:

Paladin's [Divine Steed] and [Guardian of Ancient Kings] are actually both the same thing and that's a physical manifestation of the paladin's stand.

The Timeless Isle is the ONLY place that isn't a PVP enabled zone between bronze dragon and infinite dragon Tev

Going to get EXTREMELY gay on main here: There was something really beautiful about walking around in MD in the evening with Dante when the fireflies were out.

kyragos finally gets his actual hair (he will be salty the part on the hair model is on the wrong side.)

I love the "mermaid gets 'caught' by their not-mermaid SO" trope


One day voidyboy will have to just accept that he's a dragon now. Today is not that day. Tomorrow ain't looking great either

Man I really do not like the new deviantart look especially now that it makes all the images look like mush.


but thats just how it be sometimes.

Realized today how to get both of these skintones valid for this boy and I'm over the moon

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