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Voidyboy’s paladin armor was normal lightbringer until he got voided and then the constant exposure to his void energy changed it.

He had to get the cloth died purple tho.

One day there should be a void paladin meet and greet

I continue to enjoy and support the twinkification of n'zoth

One day they will have nightborne that aren’t angry and then I can roll Tevrugos

Man there’s a certain supernatural aesthetic that i want tiefling!tev to have where in after you interact with him you have the vague idea you might have been dealing with a trickster god.

Guys we were wrong, we didn't Kamehameha N'Zoth to defeat him
We used the Solar Flare

...because of all of the eyes

Meme time:

What vibe do I give off?
 💁‍♀️– sassy vibes
 🌊 – chill vibes
 ☠ – Toxic vibes
 ☺ – cute vibes
 🌈 – gay vibes
 😈 – bitch vibes
 🔪 – edgy vibes
 🌸 – soft vibes
 🎨 – artistic vibes
 😭 – sad vibes
 😁 – happy vibes
 🔎 – cynical vibes

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