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Tevoiden's whole dragon form is full-on psychosomatic void manifestation based on his entire concept of dragons which is why it bares only a superficial resemblance to any extant dragon.

cats with threatening auras, but its just every cat

I feel like that working for the Kirin Tor sometimes feels like working at McDonald’s for Tevrugos

Imagine being an ancient protector of magic, running away from home and then having to find a job.

Tried something different when coloring that picture of Tevrugos and the Tidestone

I don't have anything to promote so here's Tevrugos licking the Tidestone of Golganneth

One day I will actually draw Tevrugos as a Zandalari because we all know he’s assumed that form just so he could dress Like That

the worst thing about being a WoW player on dating apps is that inevitably u match w another WoW player and they seem nice and cool and all and then u get to the point where u HAVE to exchange pics of ur transmogs and their mogs are............... just...................

Being raised as the unholy herald of the Lich King does not make you a Death Knight

Actual DKs have done some of the following:
* Killed party members with path of frost
* Put diseases on MCed party members
* Death gripped something away from the tank
* DPSed in blood presence

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