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He will still 100% murder you if you cross him, btw

Properly journeying to the Shadowlands ends up re-integrating him fully in terms of personalty and while he's not quite the person he was when he was alive (he's still not nice, undead, and Dangerous-- and he loves that) He's definitely more of a whole person than he used to be.

Tev was more apt to 'play with his food" if you will.

You could tell that he was dangerous, and not just because he was a death knight.

Before he got turned into a dragon was a lot more stoic and reserved. He was dangerous but not vocally so.
Afterward as he came to terms with it he was a bit more vocal and much more prone to making light of his situation, or having remarks about things.

Being turned into a dragon helped with regaining it a bit, so he wasn't quite so... abrupt. It had been long enough since he was raised and freed, and the power shift was so big it sorta started the process of reintegrating him.

Basically part of his old self was there and part of it was "lost" because he was undead.

Basically the the way I was operating w/ Tev was that paladin Tev and Tev Tev were basically two different people because he died and was raised against his will.

Time for a 3h nap before we head back to Texas.

It's been real

Tevruden walking into The Maw like “What up I got a big cock.”

Pretty sure my husband just slipped @TerranGregory a Tevrugos pin and I’m still in awe

Ask your followers: Which Covenant would I go to? 😵⁉️

I cans decide necrolords or venthyr for Tevruden.

On one hand: that scourge aesthetic.

But on the other: that vampire aesthetic.

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