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That's why everyone flooded to discord. Because it significantly lowers the friction of the thing you actually wanna do.

And nothing's gonna supplant that unless it also lowers that friction.

With discord the workflow is:

"Hey I'd like to joint this PUG."
"Ok. here's the invite link."

They click it, join the appropriate audio channel and now you can concentrate on doing the thing that you actually wanna do.

And all this time you're not doing the thing you're wanting to do, you're fucking around with the audio program that's *supposed* to enable you to do the thing that you want to do.

I haven't raided in WoW in a year and I haven't had to deal with that for probably three years and this whole thing is still crystal clear in my mind.

In the *pathological case* it'd go something like this:
"Oh well I don't use that, let me download it"
5 minutes later...
"Its downloaded let me install"
5 minutes later...
"I gotta reboot one moment"
They sign back on
"OK let me configure the audio settings"
"What's the server address?"
"OK I've joined can you hear me? I can't hear you?"

And this shit goes on for 10 more minutes until everything works.

Because this is how the workflow happened before discord:

"Hey I'd like to joint this PUG."
"Ok. We're using teamspeak/mumble/vent."

Now in the best case scenario they'd be like "OK I have that, what's the server address." And you'd give them the address and they'd connect and everything is good.
The worst case scenario they'd say "Oh well I don't use that." and you'd be back at square one finding someone.

People using discord don't care about 'server autonomy'.

The 'server' is just there to enable the thing that people actually want to do: talk to each other while playing games

Wow I just found the thread about discord and I have not seen a bigger example of people missing the needs of target market than the tumblr purge last year.

I should actually finish moving my mastodon instance to freebsd

I'd like to introduce y'all to Bumblebee. They'd probably be my #fursona... if I could decide on a design instead of changing it every time I draw them. Oh well.

#art #mastoart #creativetoots #dragon

« An updated version of my Adobe software alternatives post! Added some suggested alternatives, thanks! Also, changed the dots to be easier to see for people with colorblindness.

There's a free for all post on my Patreon with links to all the programs: »

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