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some more art of my dragoborn fighter, Ochec. I look forward to seeing him in the campaign, slapping people with his shield. #dragonborn #dnd #mastoart #digital

I recently decided to try out #DnD and made a dragonborn fighter for the campaign. The rest of the party has dubbed him Party Dad before we even started. Probably due to him looking like a dad.
#mastoart #inks #digital

this is a superior platform just for the fact that I can post transparent PNGs for people to overlay.

I'm playing a #dnd campaign where we wrangle cryptids in modern day and I've set out to rename my spells to memes/jokes pls advise

p.s. not sure about renaming the interdicts yet (theyre for a custom class) but if u wanna suggest I'd be very down

as above so below

making up WoW armor is dumb fun - also i don't have enough edgy pics of Ravenna so here she is #deathknight #WorldofWarcraft #Warcraft #bloodelf #mastoart #mastodonart

Horses: In the back
Horse tack: Attached
Hat: Matte black
Boots: Matching black

I rarely do characters in 3D as it isn’t really my jam (unless we’re talking abt monsters or robots, then HELLYEA) but today I decided to sculpt one of my shadowrunners. Dunno if I ever finish this but this is how far I got this time
#3D #3Dsculpt #endraeart #digitalart #creativetoot

Turns out buying this legit on CDW is cheaper that grey market on amazon

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