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@SunScales Yeah I'm familiar w/ the nitter software and it's separate frontend for the twitter API but it uses one of the mobile client API keys so there's no figuring out unique users. yeah they go on to blame it all on bpd before going to bed

at least they finally deleted it this morning

I don't care if they made a pact with a demon to *specifically* draw like you, you still don't have the right to send thousands of people after someone after some perceived slight.

Also: we not linking twitter drama directly, to deny them page views, in 2020 boys

Should be pretty obvious, but don't go yelling at people on twitter for "stealing an art style"

I, Gamon, will save us!

LIke I said, Tevruden's just gonna YEET Nynx into the afterlife. Literally

I blame this entirely on @BenGrandblade

Drew this during @QuelFabulous' draw-along last night and i like the expression enough I might re-attempt it later

One of the unstated concepts of voidy boy is that nobody can agree what his eyes ACTUALLY look like (IC, everyone can see something different. the refs literally have the Photoshop background checkerboard for his eyes) so This is Not Good.

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