Death Knights getting thrown off Acherus is probably a common enough occurrence that there's a reason they parked it over the Great Sea (feat Dastryn and Rothvir)

Actually now that I think about it, its even worse than that dependency terribleness because I have to bounce back and forth between the OS package manager and whatever fad we're using to handle ruby dependencies this week.

Installing any sort of ruby application is terrible because it means going outside of the OS package manager half the time and having to deal with dependency terribleness we fixed in the 90's

@_sizeofcat He's upset the thing on the end of the line is his boyfriend and not a real fish

I drew this a while ago and didn't finish it, I don't think I will at this point so have a frien

#mastoart #dnd #yuanti

New digital art piece of a red dragon in a fiery orange sky. I've been learning to use ProCreate on an iPad this last few months. I'm happy with my progress so far, but still have a lot of practice ahead of me.

#mastoart #reddragon #dragon #digitalart #painting

@feld I'm a millennial and I'm in like 20 IRC channels 🤔 🤔 🤔

kay is ilya’s oldest son and a great white shark mer

his dad thinks he's dead, but he was out exploring when the Deadly Incident happened. now he’s swimming getting into fights while he finds his dad.

kay is small for his age because his family didn’t have the chance to teach him Valuable Life Skills and no other shoals wanted to take in a shark boy. he doesn’t mind tho because he’s a scrappy boi and it lets him move faster/get in more pot shots

#mastoart #art #mermay #oc

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