Speaking of Wrathion tev’s gonna have some fun showing up in front of him again now that he’s a black dragon

Honestly this is why most of Tevruden’s murder happens off screen, it’s sort of a touchy subject and I can make him a terrible person other ways

Brann starts randomly pressing buttons and he triggers a buffer over/underflow and and that's how you get shit like the Halls of Stone.

Please consider:
Titan computers: Super advanced.
Titan computers:
A buffer overflow vulnerability exists in the Historical Archives that could allow remote code execution on an affected system. An attacker who successfully exploits this vulnerability could execute[...]

Plus there’s always the idea that this can go sideways very very quickly. Get a little bit too zealous and you can very easily fall into the madness of the void, overwhelmed by the possibilities of the void or just seeing things that are not there and never will be.

Plus I like the idea that after he got purble’d there was some time where his conviction was in question but because despite his connection to an energy which as the antithesis of his faith he ends up resuming his duties as a paladin though sheer force of will

Voidy boy got a palette swap for his abilities but the reason retains his paladin powers because he can see the various possibilities and picks outcomes that are in line with being a paladin instead of putting his faith in the light and being granted the power

Thinking about void paladin class fantasy and still stuck on @LeshiiTheDwarf’s idea of the power being granted from the knowledge of the void’s multitud possibilities of reality vs faith in the light

I'm just gonna call him T̴̛͈͚͚͐́̀̈́́̂̒̆͘̕͝ȩ̸̧͇̟̯̯̟̫̰͖̥̳̋̑̀̀̀̌͌̅͗̈́͘͜͠ͅv̶͔̮̝͍͍̥͉̟́̈̎̀̐̇̏̂͂͝o̴̢̧̧͖̦̟̜̪̫̘̜̬͊͛̒͊̓̉̋͗̈́̈́͠i̸͓̹̰̎̈͋̌̀͘ḋ̶̡̛̙̩̞̦̖̩̖̙̫̀͒͊̅́̔̉̃̕̕ë̷̹̘̙̩́̉͊n̴̬̥̘̈́̊̃̀́̽̂͑̓̆

I made a slight change but i think the overall effect is a lot better

Programmers can have little a endian, as a treat.

I like @Twitter's <liked this post> feature because when I see it it means Top Tweets is on and I need put it back into not-shitty mode.

I mean just look at him, i should def find a reason to use this more

Hey @frigbiscuits when are you going to bring back Old Gods On A Skype Call

FFXIV Tev has 100% has had a “we thought this was going to be Estinien, we threw out the reservation.” Moment

damn i really gotta find more people that can draw arakkoa!tev

I haven't seen him in a while

I should probably redraw his ref too

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