Tevruden and Dante having a bit of a chat as they head off somewhere (art by Cait_W_Candy@twitter)

@feld how do you have overstock phone numbers. like you cant order extras they're all just there at once.

@feld really this should have been the place fandom artists moved instead of Twitter

i got inspired by bwusagi on twitter to practice horse bods (check them out their arts amazing btw!!!!)
#mastoart #centaur #digitalart

@feld I'm actually planning to do something like that once i can track down a copy of World of Warcraft circa 3.2.2. I'll let you know how that works out (I have this feeling I'm going to need full build chain from 2009)

@Gargron This is a question that comes up often enough I keep this picture around to torment my friends ;)

He's really handling this whole "being a dragon" thing better than you'd expect (art by BiteyTheVillain@twitter)

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