Concept: Dating sim but you're dating tevrugos, and your choices influence what form he goes out with you in.

How is it that millennials grew up with the worst of the internet and ended up fine, but boomers had like 10 years of Facebook and suddenly they end up voting for fascists?

The optics on how people can take this out of context is terrible and i actually can't believe you keep this up this long

Love how windows 10 updated and somehow broke sleep and hibernate on both my machine and Dante's

I can do 6 if it doesn't cumble to dust the moment i bite into it.

Otherwise, 4 or 5.


adventuring party where the biggest guy in the party is actually the healer.

Big buff healers because channeling all of that healing magic through you gives you sick gainz when you work out and from combat

I just had the most galaxy-brained idea: If I wear a facemask when I dust?

I don't end up in a sneezing fit.

Speaking of having a Lot of Cursed Thoughts, and the need to subject people to them:

You know what's WILD? Between the social distancing, the masks, and the hand washing, I haven't gotten sick in like... A YEAR

Retweet if you enjoy not getting sick.

guess who realized he can open the webpage for his kvm on the computer connected to the KVM

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