Every day I become a little bit more glad that the stupid opinions i had as a teenager have disappeared from the Internet

To add to this, this is the only paragraph that mentions Kotick's position going forward. Were he to be a portion of Microsoft's long term plans, there would have been a lot more text about him and what he brings to Microsoft as a CEO.

Dollars to donuts he's getting ousted.

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Those who don't send "anonymized" telemetry data will be sent to the Maw.

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And that afterlives will be picked using a ML algorithm based on telemetry data sent to Redmond.

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Just heard from my sources that because of the acquisition the new Arbiter is actually gonna be Microsoft® Cortana™

Goonna yell about this really cool picture @Ryukiroart drew of my dragon dude, Tevrugos, just chilling out in a pool

LBR there was no way Bobby wasn't going to have a golden parachute.

However, a gold parachute means you're still getting off the plane.

Anyway, this isn't $ATVI entering a collective bargaining agreement so I'm still out.

The transition will happen and then he’ll magically find other opportunities to pursue.

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I give Kotick less than 18 months.

You don’t usually fire the CEO of an acquired company immediately.

“You killed all my friends in the Praetorium!”

Wrong. Incorrect.

Everyone skips to the bosses in the Praetorium.

Tevruden has probably jokingly called G'raha "The Crystal Catboy."

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