you know for orctober, i should turn Tevrugos into an orc

The only other orc with that combo of nose ring + tusk rings that I recall, is Grom but grom has hair.

How could this not be Garrosh, how many bald orcs with THIS STUPID FACE do we know about?

After 14 months of staring at his crotch I feel NO SYMPATHY

Tevrguos, blue dragon, master of the arcane, and probably five other sciences, as an 11' dragon man holding up his boyfriend, Dant'eleth, who is literally half his size, single-handedly: "I just think he's neat"

Tevruden, 30 years ago, as high elf: Magic tastie.
Tevruden, after scourgeprom: FUCK
Tevruden, 10 years ago, as a blood knight: Light tastie.
Tevruden, at the end of BC: SWEET the sunwell is fixed!
Tevruden, now, as a twilight dragon: Magic tastie.

I'd just like to make it explicit: I am not recommending you take out your frustration on the writers AT ALL.

This is just saying people playing the game don't have control over story direction.

I think a lot about the fact I saw a review for Warcraft and Warcraft II in 1996, completely ignored Warcraft for more than a decade.

...and now we're here.

Just a reminder: If you're upset about Undercity or Teldrassil, you shouldn't take it out on the players, they're not the people in blizzard's writer's room continuing the whole Alliance vs Horde thing.

Debating if I want shoehorn character colors in here too

me: goes to play Overwatch, opens World of Warcraft instead
me: fuck
World of Warcraft:

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