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Tevrugos about to commission the following cake from the Dalaran bakery

Tevrugos, who knows these Zethos/Hera haven't BEGUN to consider they like each other (but they dooooooo): "Yeah he's taken."

Also, Tevrugos: "I can not believe someone ATE THAT SHIT UP when they had known me for all of NEGATIVE 30 SECONDS."

I'm not depressed like jerry but anxiety does come with intrusive thoughts so nice try n'zoth

I love the idea of Voidyboy being your typical reverent paladin, and that's 100% how I try to play him.

But I ALSO love the idea of him just having a gun.

Blizzard please give non DK blood elves blue hair so i can actually ROLL tevrguos as a mage

I had to modify That One Story About the Venti Espresso for Tevrugos

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