While not quite as RIDICULOUS as Tev I’ve 100% gone hardcore shooting film when I got to visit my family in Hawaii and then turned 16 rolls in all at once

The week after the Bonfire Bash is really busy for the local Fotomat, ESPECIALLY WHEN some weirdo mage turns in two dozen rolls of film at once. Turns out he was using [Mirror Image] and running around with cameras.
Some other guy got his photos in this batch though!

bringing this picture of Paladin!Tev from @fabcrabART back because I absolutely ADORE the armor

This is ancient but he lives on, since the character became voidyboy and the design eventually became Tevrudormu

Hey remember that time Tevruden Death Gripped a Dragon Aspect?

I do.

Daily reminder that through THREE WHOLE EXPACS this was 4d dragon chess master wrathion

Dragon chat reminded me of this werewolf I never finished and its finely sculpted ass

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