Heads up, this twitter account here is trying to drag wyrmguard drama into twitter and I'd suggest just blocking them

Y'all remember that time when Turalyon and Alleria tortured an Orc mother in front of her kid?

Post a picture of your OC as the final boss without taking a new picture.

You know which one i gotta use:

Tevruden actually DOES have clothes that aren't his armor and he's showing up to the Opera in this fancy outfit!

(sketch by @/goethial)

Lets see...

4HP Leaf Blower will use about 0.15kg/hour of gas...

0.15kg times 8 hours per day is 1.2kg of gas/day and that ends up being around 23.5kg of CO2...

I'm American so I don't know metric but I'm PRETTY SURE 23.5kg is less than 211kg?


I mean yeah I could do that or I could just use perfect normal non volatile legal tender to commission stuff

It took me HALF an hour to get this set up but you better believe I got a picture of Tevrugos surfing as a naga for @wyrmunity's beach party today.

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