I think a lot about how if [REDACTED] shoves an appreciable amount of power through any sort of weapon/object it's VERY likely to become magical.

I also think a lot about how often he'll go: "Can I see that for a moment?" and shove that amount of power through something.

He's PERFECTLY aware this happens (and knows the exact parameters thereof) but really doesn't mention it past "That's probably magical now, you might wanna watch it." while the owner is still in shock about what he just did.

@tevruden All I can think of now is a mage going "I've invalidated your CE and FCC certification for this device," smug grin, "Your welcome sweaty."


@simon_bitdiddle Hahahaha, it's very much something like that tho probably a notch less arrogant. Unintended Side Effects are a thing he deals with and regularly, and there's definitely a clause in the FCC regulations he can Rules Lawyer in some fashion or another.

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