What is with Synything's astounding lack of ability to sync files.

@tevruden Has it synced yet? I recall the first rsync took a long time. Checking just now, for the first time in a very long time, everything is synced.

@dvl It hadn't synced in several hours so i just removed the directory and went with rclone + cron

@tevruden no movement and it was connected?

You've given up on syncthing?

@dvl for syncing the thousands of files in my next cloud public directory I still use it for syncing simpler stuff like my photo frames

@tevruden This syncthings OK for me:

[dan@pro02:~] $ find ~/Documents/ | wc -l

[dan@pro02:~] $ du -ch -d 0 ~/Documents/
7.3G /Users/dan/Documents/
7.3G total

@tevruden syncthing wants to be gentle and that is especially so when it first syncs. When I make changes now, they turn up real fast.

@dvl So it sycned the first 29,000 files fine and then just wouldn't do the last 400 at all for some reason even after 10 or so hours.

[tevruden@dropbox ~]$ find Dropbox/Public/ -type f | wc -l
[tevruden@dropbox ~]$ du -ch -d 0 Dropbox/Public/
62G Dropbox/Public/
62G total

@tevruden Our use cases differ. I want my ~/Documents directory to be the same on three laptops, none of which are always connected. Thus, I have a fourth syncthing instance on a server, which is always connected.

@dvl definitely really I'm just trying to export my public folder so I drop a file in Dropbox/Public/ and then I can link something like


and get the appropriate file

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