Holy shit this is the stupidest article ever, and I'm dumber for having read it.

Honestly this entire article reads as someone who's just Not Good at managing data/music/whatever, and assumes that it's "Lost" because they lost it.

@tevruden "i use streaming so obviously everyone else also uses streaming because everyone is me"

@tevruden what on earth lmao

we all know there's a point to be made in that streaming services can take music away from you on a whim but this ain't it

i buy all my music and that year range is def when my tastes developed so it's aaaallll core favorites from there haha

@SunScales in that whole article it was pretty obvious that they made no attempt to actually save any of the music *at all*.

2007 is about the time when I was able to start purchasing music and I still have all of my stuff since *way* before then.

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