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oh boy guys I can visit the shadowlands it tells me, as I stand there

if any one is familiar with me posting shit on tumblr it's gonna be more of that, just with a 280-character post limit

Hey just a warning now, I will probably be going FULL spoiler after launch tomorrow.

I'm not sure if that says more about me, or the world around me.

I realize now there has *never* been a point in my life were "fuck around and find out" has lead to a bad outcome?

ughhhh my surface pro 4's battery is bulging and I don't really want to replace it myself kinda wondering if there's some place i can just send it out to that would just repair it that isn't Microsoft

It's nice to have it confirmed that DK tev HAS felt the presence of the Lich King this entire time, and a description of what he felt when the mantle was passed to Bolvar.

I love how the three words "time bug hell" has a VERY SPECIFIC MEANING to most of my friends.

I just want everyone to know that this was picture number 5 of 1,424 in my SL screenshots folder.

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