I'm pretty sure people meeting Tevrugos go through stages:

1) Why is that jock in the Violet Citadel?
2) He's an Archmage!?
3) Tevrugos?! you mean hes A dRAGON!!!???

About that spoiler: they're putting in in a book so you know its important

I miss shooting color film, I DON'T miss getting film developed.

While not quite as RIDICULOUS as Tev I’ve 100% gone hardcore shooting film when I got to visit my family in Hawaii and then turned 16 rolls in all at once

and because I'm a photography nerd: OBVIOUSLY THIS IS ALL REVERSAL (slide) FILM

Left to right top to bottom:
1) @BenGrandblade - Ben
2) @itsjustbeek - Hayden
3) @vaethryn - Tyr and Sev
4) Tev and Dante
5) @ResidentBishie - Tael
6) @MadSeaCaptain - Zethos
7) @A_Random_NPC - Lyra
8) @SaintEtzer - Lancelion

The week after the Bonfire Bash is really busy for the local Fotomat, ESPECIALLY WHEN some weirdo mage turns in two dozen rolls of film at once. Turns out he was using [Mirror Image] and running around with cameras.
Some other guy got his photos in this batch though!

I feel like Tevrugos, as an Archmage, and a Blue Dragon probably reports directly to The Six

(which is also who he gets hauled in front of when Shenanigans are afoot)

Hot take:

Nozdormu turning into Murozond didn't happen due to the old gods, it happened because he constantly had to think about the ridiculous things Blizzard has done to Warcraft's timeline.

Behold Arthas, my most powerful spell of all: *pulls out a glock*

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it was his fallback mechanism for /years/ when he was an elf, so one day he's just gonna slip into it as a dragon.

I'm just LAUGHING at the idea of voidyboy, in dragon form, flirting with a mortal because that's his AUTOMATIC fallback mechanism.

Would I have preferred they added representation in an expac where everyone is alive? Yes.

Should we wait two years to do this? No.

everyone's dead some of them just don't happen to be straight

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