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And yes she does get a lot of undeserved criticism but people saying "that take ain't it" isn't harassment.

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lol it wasn't even harassment, Golden necroed a thread from May and a bunch of people replied saying "this isn't a good look."

New conspiracy theory: Windows 11 is coming out because macOS 11 came out and Windows was now “one less”

Until I realized... they're all drive in movie theaters.

Generally things are pretty recognizable from the overhead of Google Maps... but we just don't HAVE these anymore.

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The funniest thing about me looking at these old aerial photographs is seeing stuff like these and going "What the hell is that?"

I wish there was something like the history view of google street view but for maps, but i feel like i am gonna have to make this myself

Really wish JK Rowling was actually canceled so I could stop hearing about her

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