I’m always like “voidyboy has nothing but armor” and then I REMEMBER THIS OUTFIT THAT goethial blessed me with (colors by me)

SO like, I had "Dymrion turns Tevruden into a dragon" for a good YEAR before i actually figured out the mechanics:

Also I think voidyboy should go do some research on the Twlight Dragonflight


I'm about to make a lot of people mad, but the real winners of Legion was the Horde because they got Oculeth.

Dante: "HE DOESN'T EVEN NEED A GUN, he can just take off one of his pauldrons!"

My husband upon seeing all the pictures I have of BenGrandblade with a gun: "WHY DOES HE HAVE SO MANY GUNS!? Who keeps giving him a gun!?"

Hey here's some advice that's more than 20 years old that some of y'all need right now:

Don't like? Don't read.

I think I understand /why/ I like this picture of Tevrugos from @\D4YBREAKER so much: he's way more purble than he is in most pieces I have of him, and I think I might incorporate this into future commissions

Tevrugos 100% referrers to Alexstrasza as "Dragon Mom" unironically.

Once asked, 'do you see her as a mother figure' he replied:
"EVERYONE sees her as a mother figure."

I saw a tweet about this and I feel like Tevrugos 100% loves listening to mortal gossip.

He won't pass on anything he can't independently verify (pursuit of knowledge and whatnot) but he 100% WILL ask you for the deets. All of them.

I SHOULD commission more art of Voidyboy's dragon form

Anyway, I'm tired of having to constantly deal with it so that's all I'm gonna say on that.,


"Our faith in the Light wasn't enough so to stop a Literal Apocalypse we have to T A K E the Power that we need and this is what we're doing now."

is just suck a good hook.

Man I really like being a little lore-breaky with paladin tev, because I love the idea that high elves ORIGINALLY worshiped the light in the manner humans/dwarves did but then the scourge came, and they got even more extra about it so THEN you get the whole blood knight thing

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