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I am not surprised in the least. Lowtax continues to be shit even in death

y'all know google exists right, its right there and free for you to use to see if the new name of your character is a porn star?

Once again,
I am begging companies to search the internet as a marketing prerequisite

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Just saw an ad for something from Facebook, a scam, and a product I already own

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Seriously cannot wait for online advertising to collapse

this is definitely giving me interesting ideas for magic-eating

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The funny thing is: the siphoning magic thing is the consequence of the type of dragon he became: A twilight. It was funny because he could AND DID play that off since blood elves ALSO had the ability to siphon magic.

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I found this Homebrew D&D class for basically playing a dragon and I amazed at how much it accurately describes tevruden. 👀

I SUPPOSE this isn't too TOO bad, since word order is important but 🤔

bots really kinda ruined the word commssion didn't they

Every day I see the WoW fandom complaining about “censorship” or “they took how male blood elves were ‘mistaken’ for women” and I’m like

"He's like, knifecat"
"The wholesome version of knifecat."

(Me and Dante about felbood!tev)

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