He'd lean more toward raptor claws but he'd also want to make sure that he doesn't get them caught in a rug and trip because that'd be un-dragonlike

It's very hard to find a good balance between claws that won't absolutely ruin a floor/carpet/whatever and GIANT RAPTOR CLAWS that look cool when drawing Tevrugos' half-dragon form.

With three fingers and a thumb i could conceivably have tevrugos do finger guns in dragon form 🤔

I need y'all to look at this excellent drawing Galehowl did of Tevrugos' half dragon form

That is all.

I’m doing this two dats early bc weekend traffic is terrible at the apartment

I love how everyone ignores the part in the player's handbook where it's stated that dragonborn lack wings and tails.

Guess who just started writing out a date like

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