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Tevruden, as a mershark, is smooth in all directions, like real sharks (art by Enydimon@twitter)

Back at it again at the Krispy Kr-- er-- commissioning more
Knight Tev, and I can’t believe it took me this long to get this from itsjustbeek@tumblr

08:03:50.712 -> Time: 13:03:51.0000 UTC
08:03:50.748 -> 13:03:50

These should match! I literally read the time into the RTC and then back out!

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As a silver dragon, Tevruden COULD pass for a completely normal elf but when you can look like this, why would you?


Hey guys! Uploaded another batch of minis for sale! Clearing out some shelf space for...well...more minis... so if you're looking for a cool centerpiece monster for your DnD game, check them out!
#dnd #dndminiatures #minipainting #pathfinder #dnd5e #dungeonsanddragons

Oh! I have a fun art exercise following on from the post above, something that will hopefully provide a bit of liberation from the constant feeling of inadequacy :D

Let's all badly draw animals!

Pick any animal at all, and draw it badly. Use a reference if you want, but don't put too much thought into it. The point is that it should look unrealistic and ridiculous and even barely recognisable.

Tag with #badimals :D :D

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I came up with this stupid thing at work. Please, enjoy werewolf youtuber
#art #MastoArt #sketch

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