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Watching people loosely affiliated in my twitter sphere use doghwhistle terms on merch and i'm like

anyway, have fun finding a new job when google kills your product because its not search

Its the reason I dropped the "Everything but his behavior tells you he's a dragon" part from his TRP while he was corrupted-- ʎoqʎpᴉoΛ actually had the ability to suppress the large amounts of draconic magic Tev naturally puts out, since HE understood he was a dragon.

Because he denies it so hard, he misses a lot of the behaviors that out him, and would actually be able to recognize the stupid amounts of draconic magic he puts out.

You know it's funny. Tevruden would act a LOT less dragon-like if he just admitted he was a dragon.

Corruption didn't go away.

It just got borrowed by Hearthstone for a bit.

ngl there's just some sort of... je ne sais quoi, from an undead telling a spooky story

In b4 "TeH hOrD sHoLdN'T bE aLlOwEd To UsE tHe SpRiTe DaRtEr SeT!!!!"

ʎoqʎpᴉoΛ is the sort of person who is polite and kind and nice like the un-corrupted version.

...right until the time it is to shove the knife into your back. (or drain all the magic from you)

DK tev always has this undercurrent of barely restrained rage

Having played an evil version of Tevruden for YEARS, it was really interesting to make ʎoqʎpᴉoΛ evil but in a DIFFERENT way than DK Tev. I think I pulled it off well.

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