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I love how i'm hanging around in Stormwind enough that I'm beginning to recognize people

Question for my artist friends:

Have you ever had pressure sensitivity issues with your Wacom tablet?

> if I have to be specific I'll be specific.
> proceeds to vaguepost all over the place

One of these days I want to do more nightborne RP on Tevrugos since he's spending probably half his time there.

If voidyboy is a pony Tevrugos is just actually a dragon

why execute on the ideas i already have when i can just have new ideas for free.

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Broke: having enough skill to draw your OCs consistently
Woke: having enough skill to draw your friends OCs consistently

I feel like voidyboy would be the prettiest pony

you know if i could get an overlay of a 3x3 grid in WoW i'd be unstoppable in my screenshot taking

"Artists all circulate the same $100 around"... boy wait until I tell you about the economy

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