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OH LOOK AT THAT, I force enable it and fix the file permissions and it works and DOESN'T drive the load up to 30.

Really goddamn annoying when the fix to any sort of open source software issue is "write software." Most people don't wanna write software, they wanna do things like have a gallery of reference images) and software is a means to that end.

Apparently the fix for the inability to share is the tagging system. Why would I want to do all the work TWICE when i have all of this in an organizational system that's far faster than tagging????

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this is the exact sort of reason why open source software falls behind commercial software. The workflow worked perfectly fine on its own, and then someone decided that a whole new thing needed to be written, and the new thing doesn't even have the functionality the old one did

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I have no idea WHO thought this was a good idea for a replacement when I can't actually even link an individual directory as a gallery

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Wow the new @Nextclouders photos app still kinda sucks way to drive up the load average on this server to the mid thirties trying to list a directory with 178 files. Guess I'll be making old Gallery app work with nextcloud 21

Ahh yes going to bed at 4 and waking up at 7. Wtheck

Like i said it's so you're just gonna see me throw my fish lad at everyone.

by DrunkDingus@twitter

Well no, he's a Ren'dorei Paladin forcibly subclassed as a Twilight Dragon.

He's a Ren'dorei paladin subclassing as a Twilight Dragon.

Even if he fully embraces the fact that he reads as a dragon to everyone, he'll never be adept as Tevrugos, since he thinks like an elf first.

Tevruden, however grew up as a high elf, became a blood elf, and then got voided, and it was only /after/ living as a Ren'dorei for a while that he found how just /how/ much he had been changed by the void

Like Tevrugos was born as a dragon, grew UP as a dragon and was properly taught draconic abilities.

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