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He was sunning himself and you interrupted him...

Bringing this back because I still love this picture of tev from

Whenever you ask, "why did Blizzard nerf <thing> that makes stuff happen faster" just remember this meme:

basically want I'm saying is: Scare Bobby into doing things that stop the drop in stock prices

(like allowing a union0

I feel like it's also important to mention that it wasn't the idea of a walkout that drove the price down, it was the press release of lawsuits mentioning "breach of fiduciary duty"

Reading over the disclaimer it seems like the 8-K says what I'm thinking but maybe I'm just overthinking it?

The people authorized to make forward looking financial statements are saying "The state of California sued us for sexual harassment issues, and if people continue react badly to this, this will negatively impact our revenue" and "Our revenue is mostly from subs and purchases?"

How does one come to terms with the fact that, while many devs are saying

"Hey we're not asking you to unsub. Its not likely this will put pressure on management. "

Y'all waning to unsub or not wouldn't be an issue if software developers had protection from being hired/fired at will.

Just gonna say it: What should be done is making sure the devs get unions before anything else.

Kotick makes $6 in base pay for every $1 a senior dev makes

(it's Glassdoor, so take that with a grain of salt)

That's not counting any sort of bonus (another $6) or options.

Kotick may be selling Activision to shareholders but what he's selling is "Hey this many players are playing!" along with "Our customers bought this much!" and "We plan to have X, Y and Z to sell to our customers in the future and we expect to make Q money from it."

They have entire sections about MAUs (how many people are playing) and Net Bookings (what they've bought) and they specifically mention "time played" in the the 8-K filing.

Anyway, don't listen to that tweet Re: Activison's financials.

Don't listen to my summary of Activison's financials.

Read the statements Activision put out in investor call yesterday.

Ironic that a movie director is projecting that hard.

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