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now i don't have to keep this followers only now that the gift has been received :skellydab: i made a demon core usb lamp and it whips ass

Finally found some time to participate in a DTIYS!
Her name is Asherah, a character by @Art_Weeizard on Twitter <3

#MastoArt #FediArt #CreativeToots #dtiys #dtiysasherah

Well if the power goes out I know to blame it on Greg "Power Failure" Abbott

Did I give his dragon form earfins JUST so he has to deal with this?

Maybe so...

You can't expect to make the world better by surrounding yourself in terrible things and experiencing no joy.

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This is noting related to anything current, but sometimes I see people in spaces I used to be in and am like:

"Yes, the world is unjust, and there are so many terrible things, but... you do no good to the world being this angry."

Tried to draw tev w/o erasing…. Didn’t quite get it but the eyes are /hard/

I realized that I didn't give tev ears fins in dragon form and so i've corrected it

The craziest thing about The Future is that now i can actually have a Windows 9x machine with an uptime longer than 40 days

I looked at this graph, and thought, with the same intonation when you hear a cat doing Something in the other room "WHAT are you up to??"

Also i just want people to know that, it took me 2 whole minutes to arrange that string of '?!¿¡' until it was aesthetically correct.

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I feel like people with ADHD know exactly what this feeling feels like: ?!¿¡?!¿¡?!¿¡?!¿¡?

Also I hate that I know that porn fact because I downloaded so much warez

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