Tevruden, has 100% walked up to Maverick, said "Aren't you tired of being nice? Don't you just want to go apeshit?" and then walked off. @itsjustbeek

When a demon hunter looks at a dragon in mortal form with spectral sight, what do they see?


Remember kids, you can’t spell ‘Blight’ without ‘Light’

Valentine's day was the perfect excuse to get this SUPER CUTE picture of Tevrugos and Dant'eleth from rini_panini@twitter.com

I'll get back to dragonposting real soon now, but here's Tevruden being really really done being turned into an Arakkoa.

From MargaretEsaak@twitter.com

The trick to making an 11' tall dragon man look 11' tall is to basically give him orc-sized proportions

Tevrugos by mrshaman3@twitter.com

Got the finished version of this REALLY SWEET picture of Tevrugos in half dragon form from KyleKayhos today

Just spent 4 whole hours getting tested for ADHD and god DAMN that was a lot.

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