I need a good outfit for the giant bat version of vampire!Tev

Don't ask how I know that out of the 10,385 screenshots I have of MoP; one has Tev saying, "We can't stop here, its bat country" and one right next to it from the exact same camera position that has FIVE different bats in the screenshot.

It just Be Like That

Canon Shadowlands opening quest. I saw a leak.

(feat @goethial's Ryan and @itsjustbeek's Maverick)


My favorite part of clearing trash before Dark Shaman.

Hello Naughty Children, its PVP time.. t.co/097AAgezLB

-met @BroodingPrince
-made a bunch of memes
-created tevruden
-rediscovered my love of drawing twitter.com/stfutony/status/11

I'm *pretty* sure Starbucks put Sweet 'n Low in my tea instead of Equal.

I don't know how I feel about that.

It’s friday and there’s nobody in the office so I don’t feel bad about having maverick plastered up on my screen while I kill time until the day is over.

(This has been a thing since Macintosh System 7, released in 1991)

Also I blame @RathEryuser for wanting art of Tevrugos in naga form and anything that might come of that

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